Indian Head Massage 

What is an Indian head massage?

An Indian head massage stimulates nerves in the head, helping you relax. 


The massage targets the head, neck, and upper back for a holistic experience of relaxation. As a result, you an expect your mental and physical health to improve. 

An Indian head massage costs £40 for 30-40 minutes.


Benefits of an Indian head massage

  • Aids in the migraine relief

  • Can help to stimulate hair growth

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage 

  • Relieves insomnia and fatigue

  • Boosts memory capabilities 

  • Reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Mentally stimulating to boost your mood

What to expect

The treatment will last up to 45 minutes.


In this time, the therapist will target different areas of the head, neck, face and back to stimulate the nerves. 



How much is an Indian head massage?

An Indian head massage is £35 for a 45 minute session

Are Indian head massages good for the brain?

Yes, Indian head massages are great to improve mental clarity! From helping to boost your mood to improving your memory, your brain will benefit from an Indian head massage

What should I do after an Indian head massage?

We recommend that after your Indian head massage, you avoid alcohol and stay hydrated as this will help with the expelling of toxins. We also advise you avoid shampooing your hair immediately after the massage as it will counteract the oils used in the massage.