Manual Lymphatic Drainage

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a form of massage that focuses on lymph fluids around the body.

As the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump, it relies on muscle contractions, body movement and diaphragmatic breathing for the flow of lymph. This means that a sluggish lymph system is a common occurrence, often as a result of a lack of water, inactivity or eating the wrong foods.

The aim is to help with lymph fluid circulation and allow the flow of energy around the body. The strokes used in this massage are light and rhythmic and should not be painful. 

lymphatic massage.png


​Sometimes your lymphatic system gets congested and needs some help draining.


Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Reduce joint and muscle pain


    Improve lymphocytes by 30%

  • Aid weight loss

  • Reduce toxins in the body

  • Sinus congestion and allergies 

  • IBS symptoms

  • Reduce fluid retention 

What to expect

MLD tends to last between 30 and 60 minutes and is performed on a therapist's couch. 

The client undresses to their underwear, but sheets and blankets are used to cover any area not being massaged at all times.

During the massage, a light cream is used to moisturise the skin. This also helps to smooth the skin, preventing the client from receiving any pain from the massage. Clients will lie on a warm blanket to aid relaxation.

After the massage has finished, the practitioner will leave the room to allow the client to get dressed in private. 

Tips on any exercises that can assist the MLD may also be provided. 



How much does manual lymphatic drainage cost?

One session of MLD costs £45. 

Can I keep my clothes on during MLD?

During the treatment, clients will be asked to dress down to their underwear. However, they will be covered at all times except for any areas being massaged.

Is MLD painful?

No, it’s a light, gentle massage which helps you to feel completely relaxed.