Balancing Stones


My Background

My name is Narissa Bailey, the founder of Serene Therapies. 

A few years ago I found myself overworked and in need of a lifestyle and diet change. I had heard about Colonic Hydrotherapy but at the time thought it wasn't for me.

After my first session, I was hooked and the treatment changed my life. My passion grew and I made it my goal to encourage others to feel as great as I do! 

Recently I've added a number of new treatments at my clinic.  My aim is to offer something for everyone.

As I became more experienced, I discovered new, exciting ways to promote wellbeing for my clients. These include a variety of massage techniques and the most recent addition IV wellness and vitamin infusions.

Narissa Bailey

My Approach

Our mission here at Serene Therapies is to provide our clients with a friendly, professional, and enjoyable and positive experience.

 We aim to listen to the needs of all of our clients which enables us to customise our services for each individual.

We strive to maintain a holistic approach to support both body and mind which benefits our client's overall health.