Balancing Stones



An effective and safe way to purify your colon of unnecessary waste and toxins. 

Fresh Coffee Beans

Purify your colon with infused enemas.  each have their own unique benefits for your health.



Stimulate your lymphatic system with castor oil packs for a restorative impact on the body. 


A gentle soothing massage with added heat to relax the muscles for mental clarity.

Head Massage

Stimulate the nerves in your head to improve memory, and physical and mental health. 


A heat 7x better than usual at removing toxins from the body while also helping you to lose weight. 

Dinner Rolls

Improve your diet by finding which foods are harming your body.

lymphatic massage.png

A massage that aides in blood circulation and allows energy to flow through the body more efficiently.

Vitamin IV insusion.png

Allow your body to absorb the vitamins and minerals it needs 4x more efficiently through IV infusion.