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Tina Jeffers

Narissa is one the best at what she's qualified at doing. Ive been one of her clients for 2.5 years now and I have to say every appointment has been money well spent. Not just because I leave her clinic feeling lighter but because she is friendly informative and professional. Thumbs up to Narissa.

Nicola R.

Within minutes of completing my first session I felt clean and refreshed. After six treatments I felt absolutely amazing! I plan on having four to six treatments each year to keep my colon healthy and hydrated.”

Wendy Moss

Absolutely love Narissa, she makes the appointment a relaxing experience. She's so calm and pleasant. Always feel fantastic when I've been to see her. would definitely recommend two treatments close together to get the best results.. thank you 😍

Rachel Burke

My Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment with Narissa at Serene Colonics was incredible. Narissa has a calming and positive vibe about her, that makes you feel instantly comfortable. I have had Colonic treatments in the past with other professionals, however, I can honestly say that I found Narissa to be the most understanding and welcoming, which made my treatments feel calm. If you’ve never tried colonics before and you’re going for your first treatment, I would highly recommend Serene Colonics. Narissa is very knowledgeable about all aspects of gut health and even offers you nutritional advice. Her treatment room is so relaxing. Thank you, Narissa.

Toni Raine

"I've been wanting to get a Colonic for a while now, and I'm so glad my first experience was with Narissa.
Most people don't realise the deep connection between our gut health and our mental state - 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, brain fog or any kind of mental illness, you may very well want to check your gut health.
It's truly incredible how peaceful I feel after my Colonic with Narrisa, both physically and emotionally. Couldn't recommend this therapy and this highly kind and compassionate therapist enough!"

Brina Bree

Saw Narissa for my first treatment today and I had the BEST experience. She was warm welcoming and full of knowledge. I was a bit nervous about whether the treatment would hurt or not but she reassured me and put me at ease. The treatment itself was PAIN-FREE. I was actually sad when it was over. I was completely relaxed and I feel that is mostly because of Narissa's calming presence and experience. I went in for my treatment tired and fatigued and I came out bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lol. If you are wondering if to get this treatment done stop wondering and just do it as you will feel 100% better about yourself!!

Philip Francomb

Because most reviews are from women, I would just like to add that I also found the service to be excellent, and not at all embarrassing. I was particularly impressed by the amount of information that Narissa gave me. It was an education as well as a treatment.

Esta Wall

Had my 1st ever colonic yesterday with Narissa and she made me feel so relaxed. Was very nervous to start but she reassured me and made me feel so comfortable. Feel 100 times better today!!! Definitely recommend and I will be back again soon.

Lisa Boyce

I cannot recommend Narissa enough! I have visited numerous times to help with a range of issues from migraines to painful bloating. I always leave feeling like a new person! Very relaxed atmosphere and painless treatment every time. I encourage anyone considering this treatment to go for it!


Narissa is extremely knowledgeable and incredible. I was so amazed at her professionalism, she put me at ease ensured she talked me through each step and was so caring and considerate. The results are fantastic.
I would say if you feel hesitant then don't be, Narissa is the lady to see. I have booked my next treatment and look forwards to the results.


I will be honest, I was hesitant at first, even after reading all the positive reviews, you got to try it to believe it. What an incredible experience, i feel great. Narissa was gentle, knowledgeable and above all, a warm soul. Great conservation, thanks for all the advice too. Will continue to lead by example of creating health. Highly recommend this treatment to all.

Emma Harper

I loved visiting Narissa! She was kind, attuned, professionally skilled and offered a great treatment. Her communication was great and she was gentle with my body and in fact all of me in this intimate procedure. I will definitely visit her again and recommend her to anyone looking for Colon Hydrotherapy or any of the services she offers.